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General Assembly | Software Engineer | New York | Onsite or Remote (both ok)

About the company — General Assembly is an educational company that provides best-in-class in-person and asynchronous learning experiences. We have a remote-friendly culture with offices around the world, though if you prefer the office, our headquarters are located in New York City.

About the role — We are organized into small cross-functional product teams (a PM, a designer, a few devs) that focus on growing a single product from glimmer to game-changer. Each team is free to determine their own tools & process. We care about writing good software that is clean, concise, and well-tested; flexible and easy to maintain. Our stack is Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL and ReactJS, but we are not dogmatic and believe in using the right tools for a particular problem.

How to Apply — Fill out our application and someone will contact you posthaste :)

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