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Advantages and Disadvantages of 5G Technology


a. High accuracy and large bidirectional bandwidth configuration

b. Technology to collect all the networks on a single platform.

c. Effective & efficient.

d. Technology o to facilitate common supervision tools for rapid action.

e. It was most likely; it will provide huge (Gigabit) radio data .it will Supported more than connections. f. Can be easy to control with the previous generations.

g. Technological voice to support heterogeneous services (including the private network).

h. Enabled to provide unified uninterrupted and consistent connectivity world.


a. The technology under research, research on its applicability is on-going.

b. The(fast) speed at which this technology appears to be difficult to achieve(in the coming future, perhaps) due to inefficient coverage and traffic disruption because of the different transport forces of technology support in most parts of the world.

c. Infrastructure development needs high cost.

d. The issue of security and privacy that has not yet been resolved

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