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Totally different from my experience. Most of the time there hasn't been any major difference unless the person is someone who has lots of responsibilities inside the company, in that situation I have always found that there are two roads that go:

1 - that person was already capable of delegating and the team is used to take decisions by itself.

2 - that person micromanages everything, the team have no idea how to take decisions by itself and everything goes downhill in a spiral of chaos because that manager cannot handle two babies and, logically, just takes care of the human one.

Basically, I would boil it down to good professionals are unaffected by parenthood in their work while bad professionals multiply problems x10 under parenthood.


Thanks for the comment, Adrian. I am sorry to hear your experience has not been great 😥.

Obviously, every situation is different and I agree that having kids can bring out good and bad in people. In my experience, it has made my coworkers better which is why I wanted to share.

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