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If you are new, and you are coming in here to see this.

I hope this isn't overwhelming to you.

Don't be discourage.

A Full-Stack Developer is more of a very long journey rather than this experience listed out here.

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Ankit Patel

Agreed!! That's why the roadmap requires achieving a long journey. I guess the author tries to convey!!

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Agreed plus “full stack” is a fancy way of companies getting someone to do two jobs for the price of one. It takes years to get good at front end or backend, let alone both

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just following these things and "diving deep" into this topics will complete that long journey

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Rohit Kiran Sawai

I can't say I'm newbie. I have fundamental knowledge of programming. When I saw above list I came to know I know very less. Till I complete this list, complete framework will change then in what way should I be full stack developer?

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Aashiq Ahmed M

But not the core na

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Sumit Singh

I think it's more about learning the fundamentals of each phase. I think that's what you have also done when started programming. Learning basic fundamentals in any language and applying it in other languages.

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Bhadresh Arya

That's right. Frameworks will come and go. but the concept stays the same. If the core concept and fundamentals are learnt well then no language or no framework will be hard to understand.

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Zach Gollwitzer

Totally agree. The additional point that I would add is that this list appears as separate concepts, but if you're building a production-ready application, you'll learn 80% of this list within the scope of a single project. I don't think they are meant to be learned in isolation (although sometimes this is necessary).

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Shaun Collins

Totally agree!

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