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what's it like to work as a team?

The project that I'm currently working on is about a company that builds bridges to help people in Africa, and the problem that my team and I are trying to solve is for users and admins to have a better visualization to where bridges are built and the communities that those bridges help.

The first thing we did was decided what the functionality of the project was and then break the tasks into smaller features. On the Back-end we started with the tasks that the front-end developers on my team needed and sending fake data just so the could have something to work with.
Here is a screenshot on what I've worked on

Alt Text

What we accomplished on this pull request was manipulated a large amounts of data about bridges and villages and joined them together to display where communities were served by building the bridges.

Facing challenges

One challenge that we faced was that when we received the data, that data did not match with our data schema, what we decided to do was iterated over all the data and lowercase all the keys of the objects and removed all the spaces from them. after that we just overwrite the old keys to match with the ones from our schemas.

Here is an example of the code we wrote.

Alt Text

Currently in progress

A challenge we are facing is when sending the data to the front-end we need to somehow paginate the data because if we send the data as it is, it takes approximately 7 seconds for the front-end to receive the data.

shipped features

  1. Created tables for the database.
  2. Created migrations and seeds for the database.
  3. Created CRUD operations for villages and bridges Routes.
  4. Added documentation for API Routes.
  5. Manipulated data to display bridge information with the communities it served.

One future feature I think we can implement if we get the coordinates of the village so we can display villages in the front-end on the map as well.
And there are a few things I think it may cause problems with the performance, that might be a fun challenge to work on.

Some of the feedback I received from my teammates was that I should ask for help sooner so I don't waste valuable time and what I'm doing to improve is reaching out for help sooner.

This project has been an amazing experience for me so far, I learned a lot of new things, and the experience to work as a team was incredible.

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