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Discussion on: What Is Server-Side Rendering?

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Anth Winter

Imagine taking the time to write an article to educate people and being told by someone, "you failed to mention".

Please be more considerate when writing comments. This could have been worded a lot better.

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Gustavo Bezerra

It’s crazy how easily some people seem to get offended (or assume someone else would be offended) these days. If you are not ready to take constructive criticism online then better not to write anything at all.

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You fail to mention where I said overall it was a great article, I just feel it could have included certain other points relevant to the topic. Sorry if I offended anyone, and sorry if my comment was not 100% accurate.

At the end of the day, server side rendering or client side, you cannot make a speed comparison without context of the use case. What if you are submitting some data to be processed, on server side your page would be "hung" until the server processed it and was able to generate content for the page reload after having done its logic. Client side could give you a progress bar and simply wait for an API call to complete and refresh on the page just the relevant components. There are too many variables to just say "server side is faster", that is all I was trying to mention in my comment.