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Get Performance Counter from .Net Core

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The Problem

We desired to track some performance counters from dotnet core services running either on Docker containers or in k8s pods.

In Process: prometheus-net

We found one project allowing to publish from the process to Prometheus. This article is a good walkthrough to know how to publish quickly metrics.

There is even a Grafana Dashboard to display metrics.
Grafana dashboard from prometheus-net

Out Process: dotnet-trace

Of course, publishing metrics costs.
So if you want to get metrics without modifying it, you can use dotnet trace. A great video in AspNet Core series explains how to use it, and visualize it in a flamegraph through speedscope.

To go beyond, you can read this article on how to retrieve CPU traces from a sidecar container.

Edit: you can read this article on dotnet monitor.

Hope this helps !

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