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Discussion on: What should I do when I get hit on by colleagues?

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Antoinette Maria

Without assuming whether you're a male or a female, my number one piece of advice is to go ahead and rid yourself of this idea that not allowing someone to hit on you in a professional setting is burning a bridge. There is absolutely no reason you should have to endure that level of discomfort to keep a connection with someone (even if it is professional). I'm a huge fan of light that bridge on fire and watch it burn if it becomes a necessary step to take. There will always be ways to go around people and still get what you need if you burn a bridge. And if you do end up burning a bridge with an upper level executive because of something like this (sexual harassment), it might be time to re-evaluate that company and your employment.

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Can't agree with this hard enough. Never allow yourself to believe that you are somehow responsible for someone else's lack of professionalism, or that you have to remain uncomfortable by not putting a stop to it/calling them out on it.