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Hiring employees in foreign country benchmark

Hiring the best talent often goes beyond the inhouse borders and, sad to say, beyond the legal context. In case you or your company strive to breakdown into international markets, some of the key points for hiring global talent outlined below:

  • Legal fees and government registration fees payout
  • Establishing in-house bank accounts (must be completed in person)
  • Preservation accounting records locally in the market
  • Designating a country manager, paid in the country
  • Breaking down entity/terminate the operations under corporate law
  • Sourcing and managing vendors for booking and HR operations

In addition, companies establishing their presence (hiring) abroad should adhere to a certain ethical context:

  • Freedom of association
  • Right to organize/collective bargaining
  • Restrictions on child labor
  • Restrictions on forced labor
  • Restrictions on discrimination
  • Equal remuneration

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