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Different kinds of managers, different stregths and weaknesses. Project managers ("work managers") should always know how to run a meeting effectively, reach a consensus quickly and keep participants engaged and on topic. Also, it's great when they don't delegate communication but make it a point to talk directly to the people doing the work.

People managers don't necessarily need much expertise in the fields of the people they're managing, for performance reviews they reach out to the people you've been working with for feedback, compile that, compare and contrast with your current responsibilities and the direction you want your career to go. They need to be aware of what advancement opportunities are available in the company and what training and hands-on opportunities will get the employee where they're going. They need to keep employee idle time to a minimum.

Technology leaders need to keep up to date on technology, ensure the solutions are the best match to business problems, and keep contributions in line with the company standards (which they need to establish and communicate effectively). I'd appreciate a tech manager who leads by example.

General management traits are to set expectations appropriately, ensure good communication, establish a company narrative that is uplifting and engaging, and having a solid grasp of current and future state, and the path to get there.


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