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re: Ha! I wrote an article just last week on deploying to npm! Still got to write the 2nd part about doing package versioning in releases. Is your plu...

We're wrapping the aws-sdk in a custom webpack plugin. Travis fires the deploy npm script on every merge.

The issue with lerna is that we didn't put any effort into the integration, and not much team communication in the way of how we're using it. Right now, it's hoisting common dependencies and that's it. What it needs to be doing is narrowing scope to only changed packages (--since) and we need to implement publishing with it (right now everything is still published manually). We have the packages partially symlinked but changes to sub-packages aren't necessarily deployed so it's possible to get a deployment in a state where the application is in an irreconcilable version with an external application, which would be dependent on the published npm package.

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