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Release 0.3 Seneca-ICTOER/IPC144

For this assignment we had to contribute to a Seneca repository. I chose the IPC144 repo.


The issue is that the documents where mine specifically is were automatically converted to markdown text from the old IPC website so we have to check the conversion and fix anything that wasn't correct.


The PR was pretty simple. For this file the only things that were changed are small.

The first changes were making sure types are inline code. ex char* should be char*

The second was creating alt text for images and linking them to the img directory like such ![Representation of RAM](../../static/img/memorymap.png)

Lastly we add admonitions such as notes or caution like this

`a` and `p` are interchangeable. `p` may also be used as an array!
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Overall thoughts

It was cool contributing to a project for my school. Now I can cross that off my bucket list I guess haha. It was also seeing that that PR's for checking content that teaches others is just as important as code.

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