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Discussion on: What's your favorite tool or library that few others have heard of?

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Antony Courtney

Tabli - A Free, Powerful Tab Manager Extension for Google Chrome:

This is a Shameless Plug (I wrote Tabli). But I wrote it because, as a developer, I really needed it, and now it's a tool I can't live without. And, much to my chagrin, few others have heard of it. :)

Tabli's best feature is the ability to save collections of tabs as a "Saved Window" and easily restore that saved state. This is invaluable when using the web as a source of reference material; the "quick tour" video on the web site shows how this works for (for example) CSS reference docs.

Tabli's other killer feature is the Tabli popout window. This provides a quick at-a-glance real-time updating view of all the windows and tabs you currently have open in Chrome, essential on the giant 4K+ monitors many of us use nowadays.

Finally, Tabli has extensive keyboard shortcuts so you can accomplish most navigation tasks without your fingers ever leaving the keyboard.

Hope you find Tabli useful as a developer tool -- feedback always welcome!