Discussion on: How (Not) to Learn

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Nurbol Alpysbayev

Great article! Seriously. Ironically, however, my learning habits deny thorough reading of such long texts, so I just briefly looked for key points.

There is a spectrum of learning styles from academic, diligent, like yours (and I have an envy for it) to "jumping here and there trying to quickly extract most valuable information", but in my experience the most effective is the mix of these extremes. I.e. extensive scanning for good material (via google, etc.), check if it really good and worth spending your time and mental resources (reviews, rankings or sometimes just intuituion) and then intensive, thorough reading the documentation from A to Z.

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Nested Software Author

Hehe :) I have actually come around to a style that is more similar to yours than how I started. If I'm learning something, I tend to focus on solving problems and letting that drive my learning. So instead of just reading a lot up front, I do just enough reading to get a problem solved, then I see whether I need to read anything to solve another problem, and so on (I call this PDL in the article as a shoutout to TDD).

It's easy to get carried away and write too much - there were finer points I wanted to make that I had a hard time throwing away - but I tried to at least make the paragraph headers clear so that people could skim those and get the idea.