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I think the "easy to learn" part is a bit exaggerated. While maybe subjective from my point of view, I find Vue loads easier to catch on and make operations with. With React, there are more "steps per action" that you have to keep in mind which Vue does not explicitly require .


I totally agree with you, VueJS actually has an easy learning curve and elegant programming style, but as a package, there isn't much to work around with Vue as the plugins and resources are still under development. But, it is still a great library to work with as it has quite similar features to React. Everything has its own pros and cons, its just our perspective of accepting to overcome the cons.


I would agree. I have worked on both Vue.js and React JS along with React Native as well. According to me, React is more like Javascript on steroids. You feel like you are writing Javascript and you have state and reactivity. However, some of the things like setting state of a variable on input change using setState feels very silly.

And, in those area if you compare Vue.js, it's very fun working with it. The API of Vue.js is very easy. The code I find is a lot more organised because you have a method object for all the functions, so on and so forth. React is kind of, you write what ever you want, where ever you want.

But when it comes to React with Typescript, it's a lot more fun to work with.

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