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Discussion on: Automated tests before reaching market - worth it or not?

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We have an e2e test that saved us a lot. It tests registering an account, the onboarding and subscription. Why? If someone can't even register in your app and you don't know it, then you are shooting yourself in the foot. It does not matter if it's mvp or advanced state.

Few people will come back to a product that they can't even start using properly. You don't need to test the whole application. Just put some safeguards to be sure that the users can at least start using your app. And if you don't have time to test, you should have monitoring like that at least will tell you that there might be an issue.

It's relatively easy to do but need some time to setup and a bit of money depending on your case. Like using Browserstack, etc.

I think it's worth it, just identify the crucial parts and do the rest later.