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Discussion on: Writing DEV articles in VSCode

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Alexis Ortiz Ojeda

Hey Paula thank you for the tips! Are there any tools you tend to refer to in your article writing process to speed up the process? Such as tools for code snippets or screenshots? Thanks!

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If you're on windows I highly recommend using Sharex for screen captures. Super convenient and all sorts of features.

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Paula Santamaría Author

I don't normally take code screenshots for my articles, I prefer using the markdown option that looks great on DEV and also allows other people to copy the code examples. Here are some examples by

I know my cover image looks like I took a screenshot in VSCode, but it's actually designed using Adobe Illustrator 😂, because I couldn't find a way to use extensions like Code Snap to take a screenshot so big :/ For normal sized screenshots works fine though.

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Ajmal Hassan

There is this extension called Code Snap for VSCode that takes beautiful screenshot of your code.