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How to Become a successful Coder

While going through the lot and lots of resources I could not be able to make my self confident because somehow I am missing some concept in between . And because of that I will not be able to make a concept pull from start to end. Then I realise that many student could have same challenges that I had earlier .
So, I got motivated to create my own YouTube Channel called “API POTHI” ( .

In this channel I only focused on the core concept of any problem . What would be the basic approach to hit any problem and get the solution . Why we need to write this set of line code ? What is really meaning of particular line of code ? Is there any better approach to solve the problem ? If YES then what are the possible way we can have to solve this problem .

Considering all these kinds of self question I decided to do live coding in order to solve any problem. Either it is Simple ARRAY , STRING or DATA STRATURES program . We have followed the sequence in program that is available in different level of playlist like below-

Below Is the list of playlist of my YouTube Channel . Only one thing that you have to follow trough out of any courses or playlist or Level of Playlist is , Do not directly jump in to any video or skip the video if you are beginner. With lot of patience you must follow the program number order (0,1,2,3 etc.) playlist order (Level-0,1). Remember you came over this channel to learn yourself not to justify other :)





Happy Learning !!!

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