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APIs You Won't Hate

Episode 6 - The API Handyman Cometh

Phil and Matt, both in a loose definition of isolation, find time to talk to Arnaud Lauret ( and talk about API Design and Review. We discuss why you should spend time designing and reviewing your API and the process of reviewing API Designs before the code is written. We also ask Arnaud what he looks for while reviewing, the tools he uses to review API design docs and then Phil starts dreaming up what the ideal API Review tooling looks like.

We also talk about life in quarantine, as France completely shut down and how Phil made it back in time to England before the lock downs took place.

Links: - Thank you so much for sponsoring us! - Arnaud's Twitter - The Design of Web APIs by Arnaud Lauret - The Design of Everyday Things by Don Norman - Arnaud's blog - API Stylebook, a collection of API style guides

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