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Apiumhub software architecture meetups in Barcelona

This year we moved to a new office in Plaza Urquinaona, where we have an awesome room for organizing Apiumhub software architecture meetups.

Here you can watch a short video about Apiumhub life and our new office! One of our values is never stopped growing. We learn from each other and care about our personal growth. Every day, we grow our knowledge and we love sharing it with others. So, this autumn we started a series of Apiumhub meetups about software architecture and software development. Actually, you can watch a teaser with our meetups here.


1st software architecture meetup: MVP & FRP


First one was about software architecture, to be more precise,Christian Ciceri– Co-founder & software architect of Apiumhub gave a presentation about MVP & FRP for a controllerless architecture. And Diego Ojeda – our Android crack gave a speech about MVP & FRP

as an approach for a cleaner and purer frontend architecture.

To be honest, we were so excited about our first meetup, that we decided to grab a video with the attendees and video with the speakers. You will find them later on in the article, keep reading;).


MVP & FRP for a controllerless architecture

Historically, little attention has been given to front-end architecture. Right now, there are very few references regarding this topic and therefore we decided to start our Apiumhub meetups with Frontend architecture.

What we try to achieve with a good software architecture is to improve the architectural qualities of the systems on which we work, such as: modularity, sturdiness, expressivity,etc.

Here you have the presentation and the video to know more about this topic. 


MVP & FRP as an approach for a cleaner and purer frontend architecture

How were things a few years ago? What does a good software architecture bring us? And answers to many other questions you will find in this presentation and in the video.


To be honest the meetup was a success. Attendees generated interesting discussions and gave us ideas for the next ones. Most of the participants said that they were interested in Backend and DDD and therefore we decided to organize our second meetup 30th of November in our office.


2nd software architecture meetup: Microservices Antipatterns


To be honest we were thinking a lot about the topic for the second meetup and we were glad to receive a lot of suggestions. The topic that had the most votes was “DDD in practice: uncovering false microservices” and we decided why not to have a theoretical part with Christian Ciceri and a practical part with Oscar Galindo.

Let’s start with the theory. Here, Christian said that microservices are not always a good idea, even though we are big fans of this architecture. He gave several examples, shared his opinion about what Martin Fowlers says regarding microservices and listed down the books that every backend developer should read.

Here you have the presentation and the video

As for the practical part, Oscar showed examples from real projects, where you can actually see the code. Examples included: client side, server side, from microservices to a monolith, environment, etc.

Here you have his presentation with all the details.


What will be next? And there upcoming software architecture meetups will be held? 


So many people came to our second meetup that our office simply became small for such events, therefore we already spoke with Barcelona Tech city and Antai and next time, in February, we will organize our meetup in Pier01.

We are still thinking about the topic, feel free to suggest yours in the comments section below! But for now topic that has the most votes is: “DDD applied in Scala: FP vs OO”.

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Thank you for your interest! We can’t wait to meet you!


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