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MVP for a Mobile app: A one-stop guide for prioritizing its features in the right way

MVP holds a very crucial place in the landscape of mobile app development. Reason being, it helps to validate and examine the features of your mobile app that the users require. With the aid of an MVP and a reputed Mobile App Development Agency, you can easily pinpoint the shortcomings of your mobile app along with the features that are mostly loved by the users
Certainly, finding out the actionable features and deliverables is not a cup of tea, it requires deep brainstorming. Therefore, jump into the research that captures the best features, your product insights, the problem it addresses and the users it targets.

Prioritizing the features helps to produce the best roadmap for analyzing the product in the best way and assist in finding out the appropriate course to augment the productivity and visibility of your app as per the user and market standards.

This post will help you to employ the right strategy for prioritizing the features of your MVP to allow you to reap out the right results and will also have standards for augmenting the overall product success ratio.

Identify your product vision

MVP helps to nail down the actual product value as per the market trends and helps in establishing the goals in a clearer way. Therefore, before processing into the major developmental activities, turn back and revise the below points

1.) What is the main purpose of your product?
2.) Who will be your target users?
3.) How you will evaluate the long-term success ratio of your product?

In case you have a clarified justification to the above three questions, your half of the work is done. To begin further, you must determine the services that your MVP will be delivering, to whom it will be delivering and how it will be delivering?

In this step, do not insists upon the granular details of your project, instead focus on the most basic and primary functionalities of your app and make sure that all of them meet with your business and project requirement completely.

Prioritize the MVP features

The major question that arises here is how to prioritize the features for your MVP? Well, note down the features that are the backbone to your MVP. Address the functionality that is primary and the benefits it offers to the users.

Make sure that the functionalities you are selecting in the MVP meet the core value of your product in the correct way. The best way here is to list down the top features and then process for arranging them further based on their priority.

The best technique that is used for prioritizing the features is Moscow Matrix
Other than this there are few other factors that are required to be considered here. Find them below:

1.) What your user needs and what your product delivers?

Well, this comes out to be the most crucial phase while you are prioritizing the features. Determine what your user requires and the way your MVP is delivering it to them. Idealizing this way help you to get on the right track or else you might snatch the overall UX of your app, in case you have inserted the too many features for meeting the user requirements.

2.) What are the features that do not add value to your product?

Your MVP should have only those features that help it to augment the overall visibility and the gross incomes of your product. It is good to conduct research in the short intervals, as it will help to add only those iterations that will help to expand the user base in the minimal time frame.

3.) Do you have any portal for feedback?

Words from the users are really very important. These golden words help you to determine the areas where your product is really doing good and the areas that need improvisations. Going in this way will help you to find out the exact areas. Keeping an eye on user evaluation and tracking their behavior will convey you on a broader note that for what the users are looking for and what they want to seek from your product.

Other than the above elaboration there are few points as well that must be considered for prioritizing the features for MVP. Find them here:

1.) Keep track of your competitors
2.) Schedule your next move
3.) Focus on statistics and revenue growth

The takeaway:

A productive roadmap is very essential for delivering the aim and strategic goal attuned to your MVP. Outline the whole procedure for prioritizing the features, and make sure that it needles to your business in the appropriate manner. Remember, your MVP provides a good way out there to bloom if the users embrace your product with the open arms.

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