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Appwrite Community Report #5

Hello everyone! Greetings from team Appwrite 👋

We are back with our weekly community report, to share with you all what Appwrite has been doing! 🤩

Here’s a sneak peek! 👀

TLDR; This time around we have OSS Fund Announcement, Appwrite x DEV Hackathon progress updates, bug fixes, new features, 30 days of Appwrite, and a lot more! Stay tuned till the end 😉

📢 What’s new

P.S - Exclusive swags await every participant! 😉

✅ Issues solved

We hear your feedback and try to implement them every week! Here are the issues we’ve fixed this week:

  • Fixed the aggregation of the search field when updating name and email for users
    🔗Link to PR

  • Fixed deploy function JSON parse error
    🔗Link to PR

⚒️ What we’re currently working on

  • Improvement of authorization skip method
  • Updates on Utopia/database with MongoDB adapter
  • Work-in-progress with Hashing API, that will help you import/export users to/from other platforms effortlessly.
  • Fixing type of ‘listAttributes’ for Deno
  • Python function create_deployment now accepts boolean property
  • Users invited to the team now appear in users list

🗣 Discussions

📘 Resources

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