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Java Under the Hood

Java is a high-level programming language, it means that we don't need to know the internals of the language and how it works under the hood to be a Java developer. However, if you want to lead back-end projects, earn a higher salary, be respected and admired, you will need to learn what it takes to run a Java program.

I have recorded a series of videos showing essential parts of Java that you need to know to call yourself a senior Java developer.


Java development environment

Packaging strategy

Process vs threads

JVM Architecture

Memory management

Garbage collection

Free course

If you want to learn more Java advanced stuff, please enrol to my free Java course.

Advanced Java for adults will contain advanced and not conventional lessons. In this course, you will learn to think differently from those who have a limited view of software development. I will provoke you to reflect on decisions that you take in your day to day job, which might not be the best ones. This course is for middle to senior developers and we will not teach Java language features but how to lead complex Java projects.

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