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What is DX and why you should invest on it?

I am always posting provoking post on my Linkedin, and I have decided to replicate those here. Let's socialize!

Developers are expensive, hard to find, and even harder to keep them. Knowing that, are you investing in the development experience of your team?

Companies that offer a good developer experience allow programmers to get up and running quickly with minimal frustration. A bad developer experience — one that is a neverending battle trying to figure out how things works, with the fragmented team structure, with lengthy onboarding and setup, with complex approval processes — costs time, money and, in some cases, can increase developer turnover.

What motivates most individuals also applies to developers. Nobody feels motivated if you feel unproductive, blocked and waiting for most of the day.

Engineering teams need a Developer Experience leader who ensures developers have the right tools, processes, and environment to maximise productivity and create the greatest business value possible. The DX will make it easy for developer teams to focus on generating the highest value by solving, automating, and eliminating the daily toil developers encounter.

Developer Experience (DX) encompasses all aspects of the developer's interaction with the organisation, its tools, systems, processes, culture and mission.

Start now! Introduce a new conversation to the table about the idea. That already can "wow" your developers, who will gladly tell you what they need to be more productive.

The right environment with the right tools and processes in place turns competent engineers into great value delivers.

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