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Beginner's Guide to SEO [Search Engine Optimization]

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What does the word SEO, advertising or SEO mean?
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or what is known as "SEO" which is taken from (SEO: Search Engine Optimization), is to help search engines know that your site is a suitable option for any searcher for a specific word through the search engine, what does this mean?

Mostly, you reached this site after a search on the Google site, and the search results on these engines are divided into two parts, original results, and advertising results, and you arrived here in one of these two ways, to explain each type separately, and explain the importance of that in our work.

When you build your site, you are actually marketing for yourself, your company, your products, for anything that belongs to you, which is the thing that you created the site for, and when people want to search for something, their favorite place is Google, so you have to work hard to be there, in The Google results page called SERP, which is an acronym for Search Engine Results Page, that is, the home page that appears to the user when searching for a specific word. There is a joke that says if you want to hide a corpse, the best place for it is on the second page of Google search results! Yes, measure yourself, in the last 10 Google searches, how many times did you reach the second page? In the last 100 times? It may have not been in several months!

Now you know the importance of appearing on the home page, and before we know how Google works, we must note again that the results on the main page are the original (free) ones, and there are paid results that appear as ads, we will separate them shortly, and if you ask anyone in the world, which is better, Paying for a higher Google ranking or getting there for free? You will not need an answer!

How does Google work? What is his secret SEO algorithm?
Getting to the Google home page is not an easy thing at all, because this giant search engine has an algorithm that includes more than 200 workers. Yes, 200 workers are measured and studied. As a result, your site’s ranking is evaluated on each keyword, for example, when searching for the word “web hosting “, Google previously had (in something called Index which is more like a site index at Google) information about all sites that contain information about web hosting, they applied 200 factors to them to measure their suitability for the reader, and based on the outcome of this algorithm, these sites were arranged according to Therefore, do not be surprised then that you often find your answer in the first or second result from Google, he has done all these operations for you, in order to give you the result you want.
In the following video, you will find a simple explanation of the principle of Google's work by a senior employee of the company (we will talk about him later) in the article:

The whole point here is that you have to work on improving your site with what is called “SEO”, that is, developing your site in the way Google prefers to see it, and what Google prefers is actually anonymous, because these 200 workers are not announced about them, except for a very small number Officially confirmed by Google, and the vast majority are factors that have been tested by SEO specialists on certain sites for specific keywords.

Google summarizes the owners of websites and tells them "write to the reader, not to Google", that is, make your content make the reader enjoy and benefit while reading it, and you do not have to from Google, we will know that by our methods! But of course you must know how to make this reader enjoy while browsing your site, so the reader, for example, will think that it is important to him that the content is good, correct? Yes, of course, but there are many other factors that interest the reader, such as the speed of the site, the additional links in the article in order for him to find something else useful when finished reading the article, the pictures, for example, the ease of browsing the site! But this information is not officially confirmed, but it is generally of interest to the reader, and this is what Google means when it says "write to the reader, not mine."

We will not linger here, the topic is there are complete sites dedicated to it, yes, hundreds of English sites and a good number also in Arabic specializing in SEO science, and they do not have a job in this life except for analyzing and knowing the elements of the Google algorithm, which all by the way know by people who do not exceed a number Fingers! Do you know why? Go back to the "obvious" question that we asked earlier, which is which is better, Google is issued for free or for payment of money!

Google organic ads
To top Google for free on keywords with high searches, such as "web hosting" as we mentioned previously, or English words with millions of searches per month, means that a very large number of potential customers will reach your site, for free! For many, this is an invaluable treasure. Imagine with me a travel and tourism company in the United Arab Emirates, which has a distinguished location, and works on reservations in all Dubai hotels. Searching on Google for the word "hotels in Dubai" and "Dubai Hotels" because the customers are likely to be non-Arabs! Do you have an idea of ​​the size of the customers that this team brought them to the company website? There is a tool from Google called Keyword Planner that allows you to know the number of searches performed on certain words during the month (approximately), please look at the following image:

Yes, there are between 100 thousand and one million searches in English for hotels in Dubai, and between 10 thousand and 100 thousand searches in Arabic! This creative team of SEO specialists managed to access all of them for free!

Appearing on Google with Paid with AdWords ads
What other solution for other companies that do not appear on the first page? What is this amount found in the previous picture? Other companies have two options, either work to improve their sites, which is something that is not easy at all for keywords of this size, or advertising on Google, and Google accounting for every act of clicking on the advertisement, look at the following picture, for example:


As you can see, these results are all paid, distinguished by the letters “Ad” at the beginning of the website link. These sites will pay Google whenever a searcher for the word “Dubai hotels” clicks on their link, do you know how much the site will pay? This depends on the keyword and the number of searches on it. In our example, Google suggests that the advertiser put a budget of $ 2.35 for each advertiser on the word "Dubai Hotels" in order to be on the first page as an advertiser! And this price is like the stock exchange, it rises and falls according to supply and demand, and this price is also suggested, that it is possible that you will not reach the first result, the Booking site here, for example, has a semi-open budget for ads, so it is here that it mostly pays more than the Agoda site, for example, which we see in the fourth result !

Can you imagine the cost of paying approximately $ 2 to each of the 100,000-1 million searchers who wanted to enter an ad result and not an original result? Did you know that there are keywords that have a click rate of over $ 30? There are other words that reach hundreds of dollars! Most of it is related to legal advice in the United States, see a list of the highest click rates here, give free rein to your imagination, that's why you see that outstanding SEO specialists are highly paid, because we have seen the importance of their work here!

This is how we saw the importance of SEO, and why every company should work on adapting its site to Google's standards and requirements, and at the end of the article, you will find links for more on the principle of search engines work, and the most important of these factors that must be worked on.

Can Google be cheated?
A quick tip in conclusion, beware, beware, beware, if someone convinces you that there are ways to circumvent Google, some of them tell you that I will support your site with a thousand links indicating it, which improves its ranking, and the other tells you, write your keywords 100 times but with the same background color The page, believe me, you reached this paragraph because you are interested in improving your site, so believe me that all this does not benefit you, but rather harm you, Google is smarter than you laugh at them, do you know what is the penalty for cheating on Google? Simply put, without any negotiation, the penalty can be to get your site out of the Google Index, do you know what that means? It means that Google does not know your site after today, what then? There are companies and businesses that have changed their official names and locations as a result!

Can you believe that the German site BMW, and the German website of the German printer company Ricoh (it appears that they are contracting with one company for this) used one of the black hat methods to improve their ranking in Black Hat SEO in 2006, and the result?

Their sites have been taken out of Google !!! The two companies were forced to formally apologize for that, and to correct some of the violating pages! The incident is pinned to the Matt Cutts website that was in the video above, which is one of the few on planet Earth who knows the Google algorithm, you can see it here

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