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Template for creating a typescript Hardhat-based repository for EVM smart contract development

gm everyone,

I have just published a scaffold repository template I have used for our project so that folks don't need to reinvent the wheel and get straight to writing code and deploying on the blockchain.

The repository is called 0xflair/evm-contract-scaffold, you can use it as a template.

Here are some of the features that might be interesting:

  • Uses hardhat-deploy to keep track of deployments (upgradable or normal)
  • Uses typechain to auto-generate typescript bindings for compiled contracts, useful for auto-completion in your frontend dApps
  • Uses semantic-release and commitlint for a streamline CI
  • Uses Github Actions to publish versioned contracts to NPM, along with their Typescript bindings, ABIs (useful for interacting from your dApp) and bytecodes (useful when deploying contracts using ethers.js or web3).
  • Supports multiple chains
  • Gas cost reporter using CoinMarketCap APIs for your contract deployment and each interaction
  • Contract size calculator plugin for Hardhat
  • Automated Etherscan verification for deployed contracts

Feel free to give feedback or create PRs.


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