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Seems like a nice idea. I have used for some time instant.page but trying to focus more on conventional methods of making websites faster (usually is to remove the bloat as much as possible).

Anyway i had a question. Read on the readme file that you create an iframe where you load/prerender the given page. Do you do this for all links on the site (all those that are hovered ofcurse)?

If yes, does each link get its own iframe or they use same iframe ... my question is, if we use these method to help make things faster on websites that have a lot of links and the user is kind of undecided (lets say e-commerce website with a lot of products) ... the website might actually end up getting slow because of the iframes that are being generated.

I dont know if or how you have dealt with this but IMO its something that should be dealt with.


E-commerce is a good use case to think about! Can you make a pull request to the repo where the iframe is generated on mousedown instead of mouseover?

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