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Discussion on: Two string methods every JavaScript developer should know.

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Ariel Rodriguez

So far is fine to play a bit with strings. But I'd like to share from my experience, always try to manipulate the objects with their respective API. In this case you are facing a formatted string RFC-3339, and you want to extract its = date-fullyear "-" date-month "-" date-mday

I highly recommend to avoid regex. You should implement Date API, you can achieve easily with 2 lines of code and solid code scalable. As many other answered to you, try to play with Date, as example:

const date = new Date("2019-08-02T00:00:00.000Z")

const fullDate = ${date.getFullYear()}-${date.getMonth()}-${date.getDay()}

Note: toLocaleString is experimental and not stable yet.

You may normalize getMonth and getDay to add 0 to the left when needed.

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Jeremiah Hoyet

They would have still needed to use string.replace to remove the double quotes around the date string, but I prefer your approach of using the Date APIs to ensure you're always going to get the same result.

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Peter Tyldesley

Not necessarily, you could do it with String.slice or JSON.parse instead.

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Dennis Du Krøger

"Note: toLocaleString is experimental and not stable yet."

For Date (and most other built-in objects)? No it isn't.