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Discussion on: How did you get your first software developer job?

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Aris Kurniawan

It took extra struggle and adventure, the thing that made me a programmer was because I was determined to do an internship outside the city which is approximately 1,505.7 km (Bintan - Yogyakarta). if taking a plane from the village to the city where the internship is 2 hours, if it is 5 hours delay. In this company I got a lot of knowledge, especially web programmer, I was satisfied there. that's very happy. How happy I am who comes from the village, I can realize my dream of becoming a programmer. Honestly I got the opportunity to enjoy the world of programmer that I was expecting. After I finished my internship at a software house company and when I returned to my hometown I had another chance to complete about 2-3 projects, it turned out that God listened to my prayers. at that time I had to postpone graduation because I got a project that I had to finish so that my thesis was not finished for about 1 year I just graduated :). As a result, I was still given the opportunity to get another project, it really paid off if I had reckless capital. until now I am still given the opportunity to work in technology companies. I really thank God. at the end of the story there is bitterness and sweetness, maybe some projects have succeeded and failed. don't be afraid it's natural