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Arlene Andrews
Arlene Andrews

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Plans gone Astray

Sometimes, things happen. We look at the situation with the best of intentions, and it simply doesn't work. This short post has taken me well over three hours to produce.

After catching a box that was sliding (heavier than expected) directly on the shoulder joint, my typing has been severely limited, and hand- writing and -drawing even more so. And this is driving me insane.

I want to say I've done a lot of study, and moving forward - but I haven't. I've been hyper-focused on a series of interviews, and attempting to tease out usable information given to me by those that are using another computer language, or a different framework. One of those folks is super-helpful: and makes me wish to go to the keyboard and type - but I can't. And it frustrates her and I.

I have a longer post I've been working on, so I hope the next post is more informative!

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Alan Barr

Hope you feel better soon!

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Arlene Andrews

I hope so, too. Your kind thoughts are appreciated!

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Sung M. Kim

Sorry to hear that Arl and thank you for spending time to share the experience.
Hope you get better soon.