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Arlene Andrews

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One of the reasons I started this blog was because of the increasing chance that many of you will find yourself in a 'sandwich', later in life, if not now. The lengthening of the life span of many people on the planet, plus having children later - and add to the fact that statistics show that many millennials will not have the opportunity to ever own a home - the chances increase that you will find yourselves living with parents and children at the same time. There are ways to do this, and stay sane - I hope to give some ideas of what has worked and not worked for me, personally.


It's been a time - so much has been going on that it feels like the day is over before anything productive can be done. The company my son works for has lost quite a few people - they pay a fairly low rate - and every year about this time, they end up needing to hire a new batch. Which is nice, in a way: he gets a larger paycheck. But, it also is more hours, in a highly stressful situation, and never knowing which facility he will be sent to, nor what situation he will find when he gets there.

Mom is repeatedly opening a small wound instead of letting it heal; insisting she is not doing it, as well as becoming less likely to either hear me speaking. These, of course, are a major source of stress and drama right now - and there's really not much that can be done about it. So I stay silent, unless it's urgent.

The good thing about being quiet: I keep it up from habit now. I get to see more of the wildlife in the area. I'm not the type of female to squeal at a bee, nor a spider. As long as we don't interact too much. And the local rabbits and squirrels accept me as a mostly-sedentary threat.

Now, Pokemon in the neighborhood - that's another thing. :) But, we'll get back to that.

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