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These posts are really fantastic. They provide some of the most comprehensive information available(outside the official docs) on how to get full stack applications going with Prisma.

2 questions for you:
1) What was the reason behind deciding to use prisma-bindings over the newer prisma client api? Prisma Client vs Prisma Bindings
From this screenshot, it seems like Client is an evolution of Prisma bindings to a certain degree.

I noticed that the team started updated all their official docs to go from using Prisma bindings to Prisma Client. In all honesty, i'm not completely sure what the deep differences are between the two, other than that prisma client was supposedly meant to be more simplified/streamlined.

2) When you hook things up on the client side with React (assuming you're using React), how do you plan to handle your client side state management? Will you be reaching for something like Redux/Mobx, or will you try Apollo's built in cache store?

Again, thanks for the awesome tutorials!

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