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When organizing larger applications (no matter the language or framework) usually we start dividing it by feature. How would approach that using React and Redux?
If only React is considering, it's quite straight forward. But if there is Redux, there are two ways to approach it:

  • Group reducers, containers, components, and actions creators by feature.
  • Group components and containers by feature, but keep Redux code separately. I kind of prefer second way, because then you tend to keep Redux code (reducers, action creators) not tied to some container or feature and make it more general. But what is your take on it?

I don’t have an opinion on this. I find folder structures very far from being important and it’s perplexing to me how much time people spend thinking and arguing about them. 🙂

I wrote about this here:

Redux or no Redux, it really doesn’t matter that much.

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