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Arnold Samuel Chan
Arnold Samuel Chan

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A small Introduction about me

Hi everyone,
This is my initial post in

I'm Arnold,
A Python developer and also a Data Scientist.
Originally from Surabaya, Indonesia. And got my master's degree in Taipei, Taiwan.

My passion and professional work mostly focuses on engineering data, create software and service, analyzing data, and I do them all in my main language: Python.
I have an excitement to do a cloud-powered service as they are flexible and affordable.

I've been excited to build my portfolios and record all of my professional and side project experiences through my website: connected with
And hopefully, will be my main place to share and track my experiences where someday I can check my work again.

I'm personally not a writer and not speak English as my main language.
And for the reader's convenience sake I'll keep my posts as concise and as clear as possible. Just like this post.

Anyway, can't wait what may bring!

Arnold Samuel Chan

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