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I've been with my current employer for going on 21 years and at first it was okay but I've been unhappy with my role for about 4-5 years. I only do web development as a small part of my job (I'm in desktop support) but have had a few projects that kept me here & engaged enough to stay. I'm dissatisfied working here because of the lack of opportunities and advancement. Things are usually busy on the support side but it gets repetitive.

I've been trying to catch up on development for the past few years and get an actual full-time job as a developer but no takers so far. I get callbacks for half the applications I put in but I guess once they hear my back-story, they're just not interested any longer. Getting really discouraged that I'm nearing midlife and I'm not in the career that I wanted to be in. I've been programming in some form for over 25 years but afraid it's going to stay a hobby at some point. I'll keep on learning and applying and maybe some day an employer will take a chance on me.

Sorry for the short sad rant. I don't open up much.

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