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Arquitecto Software Beta Launch

Today 20 Oct. is the launch of first beta version of Arquitecto Software, a Saas platform that aims to help all software makers to improve their processes in product building. But how it borns ?

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The problem

Different software projects requires different software architecture styles and different tech stacks / frameworks based on the requirements.

The problem is the waste of time researching what is the best architecture to use in each case and looking for frameworks to implement it. This is why many software projects can end in failure, software projects need very qualified CTOs / software architects in order to decide the best technology for projects.

In many situations you choose some frameworks, and days or weeks later you discover there is better frameworks to do what you are trying to do, but it’s too late to change your stack, you have already invested time / money.

The solution

To solve the previous problem, i’m building a software platform to help in the process of software architecture selection and frameworks discovery. This is how Arquitecto Software born.

Arquitecto Software allows users to select the thematic and non functional requirements (Quality Attributes) of their projects, and finds what are the best software architecture styles and related open-source frameworks to implement them.

The launch

Today 20 Oct. i launched the Arquitecto Software on IndieHackers, HackerNews, MakerLog and Medium. The main goal is to measure the impact in developer communities, get feedback and plan next features and improvements in order to get a great and consistent first version, to be able to launch it in Product Hunt and BetaList.


I would really appreciate all feedback of Arquitecto Software, i invite you to try it and report me your thoughts, this can take you seconds, and are a great source of value for me, because behind this there is a lot of work, struggle, and many hours. You can send me your feedback by email, twitter or in the contact forms of platform here.

Thanks in advance

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