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Discussion on: Interested in IoT dev? Want early access to the Arduino Explore IoT kit? Tell us more...

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John Doyle • Edited on

I've a french bulldog, Gizmo, whose snores can be heard a room away. I'd love to build a sleep monitor to attach to his collar to find out:

  1. Whats the loudest he snores?
  2. How often he wakes himself up from snoring...

Using a microphone sensor, send the sound intensity once it breaches a manually set minimum level to Heroku... have some managed learning to ask was he sleeping at Xpm? Ypm? Maybe it will be smart enough to catch the pattern.. Will have to switch out his collar a few times with batteries..

Then I will use this data to shame him into walking at least one more block.

Twitter: @Art_Wolf

Yep, I'd attend the conference and write a post about it :)

Ohh this is a specific kit...