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Choosing headless CMS...

Hello guys, I wanted to get some opinions about free headless CMS available and which one would you prefer. I need something to handle data and provide it through GraphQL or REST Api, something relatively easy to set up, something quick and not that bad for future use for content management. CMS should allow a regular user to add content (stuff like markdown pages on git are not welcome).
Also, take into account that I'm new at dev, so due to my extensive use of guides and docs I have a high expectations of its quality.

I used a couple of CMS so far:

Strapi - a pretty good one, for my purpose. Quick to set up, easy to learn from the start, do what it suppose to do. Docs are not that bad. - looks nice for content management but incredibly hard to configure and set up your schema. I find it totally unfriendly to inexperienced developers. Docs are lacking.

Thinking about GraphQL, Agility, Ghost...

Would appreciate any feedback on those or any other.

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