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arturssmirnovs profile image Arturs Smirnovs ・1 min read

I kinda love this github new feature about readme profile files.

So i decided to create profile views counter, but then it got me thinking why not to create profile readme generator?

So in me weekends i spent about 4 hours creating this simple tool that allows you to create nice and beautiful github readme files.

What's included?

  • Header generator with title, subtitle
  • Header banner URL
  • Header about me section and skills
  • Additional section
  • Social links + website
  • Statistics badges

Check tool here.

Check git repository here.


Alt Text

It was nice weekend project made with vue js that i haven't touched for some time. If you like this please star my repository would appreciate that a lot. :)

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Arturs Smirnovs


I'm Arturs and i'm full stack web / app developer with more then 10 years experience. I have been working in various fields, starting from cryptocurrency, finances and ending with human resources.


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Nice, Love this github new feature :))


Great tool. I used it myself and sent to a few friends, and even contributed a PR to it. Thanks for making.


Thanks for contribution.. :)
Thanks for sharing.. :)

I will improve it my self over weekend as well..


Cool. I added YouTube, Flickr, and Hashnode to my profile on GitHub manually: github.com/morrisonbrett

Oh, yeah, cool i will add them as well.. one person suggested reddit as well..

Good idea. I just added Reddit and Keybase to my profile manually. Nice to see that simpleicons has a pretty large library.

Yeah, then maybe custom selector could be the best...
Select icon + enter link.. as option to add non defined social media.. :)


Thanks, it was just for fun.. maybe somebody will find it useful to generate readme for themselves :)


Wonderful! starred it 😀 Keep it up!


Nice, I added this in my profile - github.com/EvilSpark


So cool.. nice to see that people use some tools you make.. ❤️❤️❤️


Thanks, it's a great tool for a lazy person like me :)


Haha, and I think it turns out good as well..
Thanks ❤️✌️


Hi there 👋

I am aayushi Sharma. I Love ❤️ programming and currently working as Machine learning engineer.


  • Python
  • JavaScipt
  • React
  • Web Development
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep learning
  • Natural language processing
  • App Development

Things got bugs, gonna smash them one by one