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Github released a new feature that let's you create your resume/profile. I have made a README.MD generator that fetches your profile's Name, bio and recent 5 articles.

Here is my profile preview

To create a profile simply use your username as repository's name. You will be greeted with this


Go get your profile's README here http://github.anoram.com/
The Generated MD looks like this.

Generated MD

Update 1:

  • Fixed a bug not able to generate MD.
  • Code doesn't break if inputs are bad.
  • Adds dynamic profile badge and followers badge.


markdown guide

There's a problem with https://visitor-badge.glitch.me/badge?page_id=mzaini30.mzaini30: This project has received too many requests, please try again later.

What about this: https://visitor-badge.laobi.icu/badge?page_id=mzaini30.mzaini30 (It's still working)


Sure, I will add them thanks visitor-badge.glitch.me had API overage 😅.

Thanks again


Thanks Zen,

I went ahead and added this badge


Very cool! I also made a Pipedream workflow that updates the README dynamically, as soon as you publish a new post: dev.to/dylburger/show-your-most-re... .

Mine only displays the most recent post, but you can modify the workflow to display the most recent 5, if you'd like.


Add feature: What if you add this text in end of line:

This profile is generated by [Anoram](http://github.anoram.com/)

I would but I just don't want to add a small ad on their profile, some might consider it bitter.

I love dev community 🤗 and I just let it be.


What if this:

<!-- tools: github.anoram.com -->

This is very useful if I'll generate again but forgot the profile generator website 😂


Nice one! That is a really cool idea :) I might take it further and set it up as a Cloud Function and on a timer or hook somehow such that it keeps it up to date.

Ideally, I'm going to move to storing/writing my DEV posts in Github anyway, so could be a nice round trip.


Surely I am also working on it to make them dynamic. Glad you like this idea.


Random Quick Idea: You can have a "Update Latest" button in ReadMe, that would:

  • create a new issue in that repos
  • run Github action when an issue is created
  • fetches article and updates the ReadMe

Hi Zen,

Thanks for trying it out and finding bugs.
I am not sure what could be the problem on your side it seems to work for me.

I believe it has something to do with the browser, I just tested with chrome and edge for android and on my browser on PC. They seem to work.


I think, there's a problem with my internet. Hehehehe...


Yes indeed. This feature is cool.