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Discussion on: Fetching data with React the easy way

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+1 for not awaiting...and others.

I have not published the 'index.js' part, perhaps it will make you understand my way of doing so.
And in fact, when I say simpler I refered precisely to this part...

import React from "react";
import ReactDOM from "react-dom";

import App from "./App";

import merge from "mergerino";
import { stream, scan } from "flyd";

var Actions = update => {
  return {
    loadData: results =>
        data: results,
        loading: false
    setLoading: status =>
        loading: status

var initialState = {
  start: false,
  data: [],
  loading: false

// reactive variable
var update = stream();
// kind of Redux :-)
var states = scan(merge, initialState, update);
// actions triggered from the view
var actions = Actions(update);
// view = f(state, actions)
ReactDOM.render(<App states={states} actions={actions} />, root);
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I let the example as it is, in order to have comments on it :-)
Don't hesitate to read my others posts and correct me

Also you can read my later post on this subject :