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What are the Benefits of Building Web Apps as an ASP.NET?
Microsoft enabled the ASP support to let developers use Microsoft tools, ecosystem, and C++ and C# for web development as well as for desktop. As a result, they achieved the goal of delivering a 100% cross-platform development environment. The main advantages of using .NET-based development tools as web development tools are:

The possibility to write backend with C#: front-end, as usual, is written with JavaScript and its frameworks. However, for backend, developers can choose among multiple tech stacks, and Microsoft’s goal was to make C-based backend development easier. Developers can use JET packages and work in Visual Studio.
A single development environment for JS, HTML, CSS, and C# development: developers can build syntax for dynamic web applications and immediately preview the app’s outputs sent to a user.
.NET framework allows seamless integration of C# with JavaScript and provides libraries, templates, ready-to-use plugins for progressive web application, and single page application development.
Another question here might be what’s the reason for using a framework for C#-based backend development? What are the advantages that specifically .NET delivers?

.NET just does what all good development frameworks are supposed to do. It provides developers with a ready-to-use application architecture, libraries with patterns and page templates, ready web app functionality (like authentication, access control, page display, etc.)

.NET framework

Additionally, developers work in code editors that automatically complete code fragments, highlight code, sort through different sections efficiently, and support real-time editing.

How do ASP.NET Core vs ASP.NET Relate?
You already understand the distinction between .NET and ASP.NET. Just to recap:

NET is a C#, C++, F# framework that makes desktop development easier and faster.

ASP.NET is a framework that has the same functionality as .NET, only it’s adapted to writing backend for web pages and web apps.

Developers can use the same tools, libraries, and infrastructure to build web and desktop projects. This way, a desktop development team can easily learn backend development, development takes less time, and cross-platform development becomes more effortless.

However, it’s not the only distinction in the .NET ecosystem. ASP.NET is only one of the versions of the framework. Another one is called ASP.NET Core.

Are ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core the Same?
ASP.NET was the first version of the web-adapted .NET framework. ASK.NET Core is an improved version with richer functionality, a more comfortable interface, new libraries, and other distinctions. We’ll talk about their side-by-side comparison just in a minute, but here are the key points for now:

ASP.NET Core is the continuation of ASP.NET, an improved one;
ASP.NET Core is available as an open-source tool;
ASP.NET Core is cross-platform and runs on macOS, Linux, and Windows, unlike ASP.NET that works only on Windows;
Just like ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core is based on the Model-View-Controller framework, like most web development frameworks;
ASP.NET Core has robust Cloud support, and it supports modular architecture better than ASP.NET does.
So, ASP.NET Core is a newer, more comfortable version of ASP.NET. Microsoft’s team understood what things could be improved in regards to user experience and improved the functionality.

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