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Discussion on: Status instead of isLoading boolean?

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Asaf Limi Agranat • Edited

In my opinion you are over simplifying what in reality is mostly a complex matter. To begin with, you might be responsing to a particular article, but in your own standalone article you are not specifying what action you are performing for which you are calling the isLoading status in the first place. I can only infer you are refering to a fetch operation, given the scenrios you lay out. But isLoading is used in many different use cases that have multitude of scenarios of different complexities. You could be loading a new view, refreshing part of the UI, loading pre-fetched data, calculating post action etc. isLoading as boolean is very valid for those many scenarios, and does not correlate to response statuses.
Other than that, isLoading is self-indicative by its name, while the other statuses you exemplify are more abstract in meaning and require closely-coupled context to know how to use them. Self-indicating statuses are to be appreciated, even being boolean. The verbosity of having to check multiple statuses together in order to know how to act on them is not a bad thing, is not anti-pattern, and I'd even dare say they are desired. In the end of the day, we all just want clearly read code, especially when it's someone else's.

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Joanna Otmianowska Author

I am not saying that isLoading is always bad. I just wanted to share what I learnt in the article I mentioned. That is really interesting to me because earlier I really didn't even think that in some cases isLoading boolean may be not the best choice

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