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PHP is still in the game

We have so many options to choose from when it comes to choosing right technology stack for our application. There are even more frameworks and libraries supporting amazingly fast development. So you might be thinking that php is dead and it cannot compete with this fast development than hold on please.

There are many well known companies who are using php and its framework for tech stack. 9GAG & BBC still have php in their current tech stack.

Still people choose WordPress for to go solution for blog and simple websites. Taking about WordPress reminds me of famous tech blog Tech Crunch is still using WordPress.

Php have super powerful Laravel framework. And yes php also have package manager like npm which is composer.

If you or your server are looking for alternative of Laravel then my friends php has everything. My next php framework is CodeIgniter.

It is super easy to setup and I'll be writing one more DEV post on how to setup CodeIgniter in few simple steps.

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