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My last week at Flatiron

For the past 14 weeks, I've have been attending a 15 week, full-time online bootcamp at Flatiron School for Software Engineering. While it isn't quite over just yet, I think now is a good time to reflect on my experience and share it with anyone who might be thinking about taking that next big step; plus I still need to write one more blog post to graduate. :)

The Live program, which is the full-time program that I chose; consists of five phases. Each phase is three weeks long.

  • First is learning week, during this week, you'll spend your time reading, working on lessons, attending lectures, and helping your fellow classmates within your table-group.

  • Next comes Code Challenge Week, where you are tested on the things you have learned. If you don't like timed tests, worry not, because you have two attempts on all Code Challenges, with the ability to redo ONE phase if don't pass both times. This week also includes everything from week one.

  • Finally, Project Week! This week, you are paired with a partner to work on a project of your own choosing, you are free to essentially do whatever you want, as long as you meet some very broad requirements. At the end of project week are project presentations, where you present your project to your classmates. I know, I know, presenting anything is usually a massive pain, full of anxiety; but these presentations are extremely laid back, no time requirements, or any requirements at all actually. I can can honestly say that I looked forward to every single project week and presentation.

As for what each phase is about, the course may get reordered or changed every once and awhile, but this is how it was set up when I attended:

  1. Vanilla JavaScript - here you will learn the basics of programming: syntax, data types, iterating through arrays and objects, almost entirely frontend. If your new to programming, this may be the most difficult phase.
  2. React - what it is, how to use it. You'll learning about hooks: useState and useEffect. You'll also be using a backend, but not a real backend. Takes a while to get used to, can be difficult.
  3. Ruby - Third phase is all about the backend, and connecting it to your frontend. This is a difficult phase, lots and lots of information in a very short time: ruby, active record, sql and sinatra.
  4. Ruby on Rails - You've learned how to do everything the long and hard way last phase, now you get rails to do all that for you. You'll also learn Authorization. A pretty laid back phase.
  5. Final Project - This phase is quite different from the previous phases, instead of one week each for learning, testing, and creating; this week entirely consists of you creating your capstone project. This project is done on your own (no partners), and has more requirements (but by this point its not a big deal). While you'll be used to starting and completing a project in a single week, your final project will take all three weeks of the phase, and will also end with presentations.

After Graduating, you'll be paired with a Career Coach who will help you find a job, As I have yet to graduate, I can't speak much on that.

Overall, I have found my experience at Flatiron to be incredible, and have loved every second. While I was initially apprehensive, after the first phase I was sold. Working with groups is a joy because everyone chose to be there, and are motivated to the best they can (no slackers). The instructors were immensely helpful, and always happy to help, many being previous graduates of the program themselves!

The end of the program brings a scary, uncertain time that is the job hunt, but with this experience under my belt, I can face that time confidently.

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