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I knew I was unhappy in the middle winter, but I wanted to give things a chance to improve. Indiana winters can be pretty rough in general and people get moody around the holidays. Then, winter ended and nothing was better.

After that, I started a class I had no choice but to commute 12 hours a week for. That lasted for about 3 months. I knew my chances of finding another job during that stint were pretty low. So I stayed.

At this point, I only had one class left for my degree (which I’m currently taking online). I really wanted to stick it out through the end of summer and my course, but things were getting bad. We had tense arguments on accessibility, I wasn’t having things assigned to me, I felt like a low priority, and my body was getting sick often.

I’d say it was almost 6 months. Retrospectively, I would have looked sooner if I could have.

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