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10 keyboard shortcuts..

10 Keyboard Shortcuts You Might Not Know!
In this post I will talk about the keyboard shortcuts, every coder needs to master!

  1. Clipboard History
    Without wasting much of time I will start with the first shortcut key which is the clipboard history. You can access your clipboard history by pressing Windows + V key on your keyboard. this opens your clipboard history which can be accessed and navigated using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

  2. Windows + arrow keys and dragging a window to right
    You can open two windows side by side by selecting a window and dragging it to the extereme right side of you monitor. This will give you an option to open two windows side by side.
    You can also use your Windows + Left, Windows + Up or Windows + Down arrow keys to move this window

  3. Windows + 1, 2, 3, 4
    Did you know that you can use Windows + 1, Windows + 2 etc keys to open your first, second and third windows respectively? Well if not, you need to start integrating this shortcut in your workflow.

  4. Windows + D to minimize all the opened software
    If you want to minimize all the opened applications in your windows computer, you can do so by pressing windows + D key on your keyboard. A quick one but yet very effective keyboard shortcut you should be using!

  5. Control + BackSpace and Control + Delete
    If you wish to delete a word towards the left, you can use Control + BackSpace
    Similarly, If you wish to delete a word towards the left, you can use Control + Delete key on your keyboard

  6. Alt Tab and Windows Tab
    You can use Alt + Tab to navigate through all the opened application on your windows as shown in the animation below:

  7. Shift + End and Shift + Home

  8. Windows + P
    Windows + P is used to open the projector preferences on your windows. You can control the monitor layout of your pc. You can choose to either turn on one, two or duplicate both of your monitors!

  9. Windows + L
    This is a very handy shortcut used to lock your pc so that noone can access it without your windows pin/password. You should try to make it a habit to lock your windows computer when you are not around!

  10. Bonus: Mouse Wheel

    You can use the Mouse Wheel click to close a tab in Google Chrome and Open a link in a new tab. This saves a lot of time if you are hunting a bug and trying to find solution of your problem everywhere on the internet!

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