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6 Must Have OpenCart Plugins for Optimizing your Website for Traffic and Traction

My name is Rahul, an android developer by profession.
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Running a business takes a lot of effort, money, and time.

And as we know customers are the life line of any business we need to keep track of our business diligently in order keep our business going. But how do we do it?

Today there are various ways from social media to email marketing that keeps websites visitors engaged by throwing necessary information to our customers and website visitors either automated or manually to increase engagement and sales.

But apart from that we can also make our website intelligent to do some additional task for our business and these are possible through third party extensions or modules.

Customer are the lifeline of any business including ecommerce operators and service providers. Therefore modules and addons helps owner to attract new customers and get also keep your customers coming back to your website.

6 OpenCart Modules for e-commerce operators to try in 2021

In today's world, where people easily forget things, it is also easy to forget the name of the website. Therefore we have tried to jot down a list of few modules that would help ecommerce operators to make sustainable growth by scaling your website.

1. OpenCart Newsletter Module

Engage your customer with new offers, products, and discount is one of the best ways to stay on their first preference list while doing shopping.

Sending newsletter emails every week with exciting offers will make them return to your website.

This module has a feature to create multiple email templates with short codes.

Create different templates for offers, and new arrival products to make sure customers check emails.

Admin can add products, images, videos, links, and other things into a newsletter email template. It also increases your business's credibility and authority in customer's eyes.

2. Social Share and Login

According to a research by American organization it shows that people tend to spend more than 1 hour on social networking websites .

Therefore adding social networking website login gives you basically three kinds of opportunities.

Firstly, it gives you a verified email account. Secondly, it reduces the signup form fill time and email verification process and third, if the website asks the user to give permission to post on their wall or profile websites using social login on their website boost customer registration.

More eyeball to your website means more business. So let your customer share the page links or content they like on their social profiles. And it will keep adding new customers from social networking websites without spending much money

3. Personalized Products Increase Customer Retention

Personalized product lists are those products which are created by either by AI operated programs or programs on the basis of previous customer order behavior.

Products are usually combined with two or more purchases that they bought frequently together by customers.

For Example, A website where you bought the T-shirt will show you a similar product of T-shirts like, Pants, Jeans, shows, and other stuff that other people bought products with a T-shirt before.

This program encourages customers to purchase more products. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, SnapDeal etc. provides personalized products to customers. These are some of top players that use these kind of AI automated tools to increase retention of customers and growth on their websites.

Also related products are the best example of personalized products that are visible on an e-commerce website. Websites that show related products have always increased their sales by 5 percent up.

Because ultimately they will find products they might gonna use and buy them. So customers end up buying on the personalized products by increasing customer retention on the website.

4. Add Customer LTV using Cashback Or Point After Purchase

E-commerce and credit card companies often give points on every order. Customers can convert points into cash according to the conversion price set by the website.

This kind of offer allows businesses to gain new customers and retain old customers. Giving some cash back on every purchase is another way to attract new customers. Customers think they will get some money back even after purchasing the products.

Making cashback or point offers allows owners to keep their profit low. But low-profit margin can easily cover-up by increasing the number of orders.

It also increases customer lifetime value segment because customer come back to convert their points or use their cash back to buy another product.

5. Push Notification for New Products and Blog Post

Push notification is another way to notify the customers about offers, discounts, or new products right on computer or mobile.

Modern browsers and mobile apps support push notifications. It contains a title, image, small description, and link to the page.

According to a research, 26% of apps open rates is higher on mobile and 92% higher retention rates. Email is often ignored or buried into the email box and the open rate is merely 2-10%.

On the other side push notification has an average of 24% app or website open rate. It gets the older customers back to the website and converts to more sales.

Push notifications can send any kind of message or offer. There are free services like Google Firebase that can be used to send mobile app notifications.

And build Strategy to engage customers to app guide them about the product by sending blog post links or useful articles or offers. You can also increase the website sales graph by at least 5% up if push notification used effectively.

6. Cross Sale and up Sale

Cross sale products use to show when customers add one or more products to the cart and then the website shows the related products on recommended items list of the related item list.

Up sale try to sale those products which can serve
additional benefits of an already bought product like an extension or extends the facility of products that customers bought before.

You often hear people talking about the cross and up sales tactics to give a boost to the sale graph. Either these two tactics can deliver using artificial intelligence program when there are more than 100 products included or just use a simple module where the admin can select cross and up-sale products for a given product.

This two tactic adds more sales into the website and improves customer lifetime value. Moreover, customers come back to check out new products or related products more often.


For more info about value added Modules, Extensions, Addons & Plugins visit the OpenCart Extensions or TMD Extensions store.

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