Public Speaking as a Developer

Ali Spittel on July 25, 2018

As a follow up to my post from March on blogging as a developer, I wanted to give my tips for doing public speaking events as a developer. A litt... [Read Full]
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Someone once said something like "Talks are about inspiring people, not about educating them"

I always think about this when I plan talks. Also, minimizing slide count and content on each slide xD


One of the best quotes I have ever read! Thanks! ^


There's nothing better than seeing slides and having presenter read everything on them! And then moving to the next one.


"I tend to use few words on my slides, and I like using a lot of images on them as well. Many people are visual learners, so having diagrams can really make concepts more clear."

+1 on that =)


Great post! this topic is very near to my heart because from my background and all the friends and colleagues I know, 1 out of 50 will actually consider giving a talk the rest would rather wake up at 5am and take a cold shower... Actually I was one of those a few years ago so I know how's like coming from there but still doing it is totally worth it.


Great tips! My public speaking professor always said "All speakers have butterflies before speaking. The trick is getting those butterflies to fly in formation."

Since then, I've spoken at universities several times, and I always funnel all my nervous energy into making my delivery stronger and more enthusiastic. It really helps!


Nice article. Thanks for sharing this kind of information. Very helpful who are just beginning the way of tech blogging/speaking :)


Great to see those tips. I've never imagined all the process that lies behind public speaking. Thanks for the article!


Yesssss - thank you for so much good information in one place. I've been gearing myself up to try and give a conference talk for longer than I'd like to admit. It's great to have such a thorough writeup <3


Awesome post and very inspiring, thanks !

Wanted to add another great resource to track CFPs:


Love that you listen to Britney Spears and Beyonce before every talk :D

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