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Discussion on: How to build a Jamstack multi-language blog with Nuxt.js

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Andrea Stagi Author • Edited

Thank you :) Sure, I've just created the repo

My setup is really naive, you may have duplicated translations in the same language for the same post. Unfortunately I don't know how to define two fields "unique" as couple in Strapi.. 😅 If you plan to use GraphQL consider suffixing your fields with language code to support i18n in Strapi, e.g. title_it, title_en, title_fr, content_it, content_en, content_fr and so on... My solution behaves friendly in the admin UI, though.

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Matteo Moschitta

Thanks Andrea!

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hi Andrea:
how to use @nuxtjs/apollo fetch fields( title_en, title_fr) with lang in the frontend?